• Pick up from the airport
    Pick up from the airport 2 bottles of water included!
    General Car Hire Cyprus provides:
    For our customers, welcome pack awaits: a 2 bottles of water.
    price: free!
  • Free Second Driver
    Free Second Driver The second driver in the car rental price
    Rent a car and the other driver will be included in the rental price.
    Your comfort in one of the rental price!
    price: free!
  • Fresh start
    Fresh start Drinks will be waiting with the car.
    Select a cold drink - buy in our shop
    General Car Hire Cyprus
    offers: Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta
    price: 4,50€
  • Sun umbrella
    Sun umbrella UV protective umbrellas
    A sun umbrella is a practical way to protect your skin from sun damage and to stay cool on a sunny day. You create your own shade and it follows you around.
    price: free!
  • Baby seat
    Baby seat Protecting your child to express the love we have for our children!
    General Car Hire in Cyprus recommends that safety
    Using a
    car seat can operate the vehicle in a safe environment and not worry because your child is completely safe
    price: free!

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